There has been considerable news regarding the safety standards and potential hazards that HoverBoards / Swegways / Self Balance Scooter can impose.

There have been reports of this product exploding or catching fire, and whilst this is only a extremely small minority, the publicity it has gained has created considerable concern regarding the safety of this product.

As the news has reported, the easiest way to identify the product you have purchased is sound is the charging element of the product. The mains charger SHOULD have a UK FUSED MAINS PLUG that clearly bears the safety mark BS 1363. This is the major concern and any product that does not have this can pose potential danger, it is imperative the mains plug is both fused and bears the safety mark. Plugs shaped like a clover, and do not have a fuse or safety mark are identifiable as hazards. (THE PICTURE BELOW IS OF THE CLOVER PLUG)

We would like to assure all our customers that our products have been inspected, tested and CE certified and fit for sale in IRELAND. They meet the required safety standards and as such DO NOT pose the potential dangers that have been reported in the news.

Please ensure all safety guidelines are followed.

Charging the device usually takes between 2 and 2.5 hours. The charger indicator is RED when charging and turns GREEN once fully charged. We would not advise leaving the unit on charge for more than the required period or on charge overnight.